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Immediately after his retirement he joined the Sihala Urumaya, prompted and motivated by a desire to fight against the actions of politicians who tended to betray the interests and rights of the nation and the majority community and perpetrated the system installed by the colonial rulers to grant privileges to the minorities in order to use them as an instrument to oppress the majority and keep them under bondage.He tenaciously supported President Mahinda Rajapaksa's candidacy in 2005 Presidential Elections.. He accepted the offer made to him to serve as an Advisor to the Defense Ministry, giving up a lucrative position he held at Richard Peiris and Company as a Director. He had the privilege of working with Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa at the Defence Ministry and represented him at the SARRC Conference held in New Delhi in 2007.

Kotakadeniya's dedication to his motherland and culture is not negotiable and is unstinted. He believes that Sinhala nationalist interests should be represented at all legislative institutions if the country is to be prevented from back sliding into the control of the terrorists and separatists. There is already a strong agitation made by people who claim to be loyal to President Rajapaksa, in favor of devolution of Police and Land powers to the Northern and Eastern Provincial Councils, thus facilitating the establishment of a federal state in that one third of our beloved motherland. Kotakadeniya will oppose any such move and clamor for a strong central government and strengthening of Presidential powers. He will also agitate for a strong military presence in every part of the Island and secure the creation and nurturing of a truly multi-ethnic society in all parts of our country. He will insist on the resettlement of all displaced Sinhala and Muslims in the North and the East before administrative power is devolved to the Districts.

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