Rahotige Sugath Akalanka Rathsara Bandara.
MLT,B.Sc,M.Sc (Biochemistry), C.Chem.


In 1997 and then a entered to Kothalawala Defence Academy for B.Sc (Defence Studies),After resigned from defence studies he entered to University of Ruhuna & became a B.Sc(Biochemistry) graduate with a gold medal for Highest performance in Bio Chemistry in 2002, Then he entered in to School Of Medical Laboratory Technology, Medical Research Institute for the Proficiency Level Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology from ministry of Health, Sri Lanka and passes the final examination with a distinction for Parasitology.

He completed his M.Sc (Biochemistry) at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura in 2006 February. He completed Diploma in Fish Post Harvest Technology, Diploma in Aquaculture and Fisheries management, Diploma in Basic Hydrographic Surveying, Certificate Course in Marine Chart Reading, Communication and Operation of Satellite Navigators (GPS), Fishing Technology, Marine Science and Disaster Management at National Institute of Nautical Engineering

    B.Sc (Defence Studies)- Kothalawala Defence Academy-1997-1998
    B.Sc (Bio Chemistry)- University of Ruhuna-1998-2002
    Proficiency Level Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology-Medical Research       Institute-2002-2004
    M.Sc (Bio Chemistry)- University of Sri Jatawardanapura-2003-2006
    Diploma in Aquaculture and Fisheries management-National Institute of Fisheries       and Nautical Engineering-2004
    Diploma in Software Engineering - Technical Engineering College-2000-2002
    Diploma in Basic Hydrographic Surveying-National Institute of Fisheries and       Nautical Engineering-2005
    Certificate Course in Marine Chart Reading, Communication and Operation of
      Satellite Navigators (GPS)-National Institute Of Fisheries and Nautical       
    Chartered Chemistry Examinations-Institute of Chemistry-2006
    Certificate Course in Fishing Technology-National Institute of Fisheries and       Nautical Engineering-2006
    Certificate Course in Marine Science and Disaster Management-National Institute       Of Fisheries and Nautical Engineering-2007
    Diploma in Human Resources Management-Metropolitan College-2007
    Diploma in Fish Post Harvest Technology-National Institute Of Fisheries and       Nautical Engineering
    M.Sc (Aquatic Bio-resources Management and Aquaculture)-Postgraduate       Institute of Agriculture/University of Peradeniya

He has following track records

    1st President Scout Award in Gampaha Education Region (in 1995)
    Professor Alawaththagoda Pemadasa memorial gold medal for the best       performance in Biochemistry in University of Ruhuna-2002.
    Patent license awarded by The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)       for discovering Isospora ceylenicus in 2005.


    Member of Synthetic Antiserum Forum, Medical Research Institute, Sri Lanka.
    Member of Improved Molecular Biological Assessment Association Sri Lanka,     Medical Research Institute, Sri Lanka.
    Member of Young Biological Inventor's Association Sri Lanka-Sri Lanka.
    Member of Sri Lanka Association of Advancement of Science (SLASS),
    Member of International Association of Medical Laboratory Technologist (IAMLT).

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